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Did you miss me? LOL

I realize this blog doesn’t see much traffic, but for those one or two curious onlookers who have wondered about the status of this blog (or me for that matter): this brief post should catch them up.

My site ran into some hosting issues, but the great folks at AWS helped me out and got me back in service. I had to change some build settings in AWS Amplify and update some DNS settings in AWS Route 53. We’re now back in business.

I also decided to take a much-needed break from Xitter. The quality of interactions seemed to have depreciated for me, and in all honesty it became a source of angst in my life. I still occasionally use the platform to reach out to individuals whom I have no other way to contact, but I do not actively participate.

I find I still desire a platform for self expression…to ruminate out loud about observations and ideas. I intend to keep this site well maintained going forward, even if few (if any) happen upon it and find it mindly interesting.